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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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facebook made just over $16 billion that day. but a computer glitch delayed trading cost investors over $100 million. >> and this is damage control and efforts to minimize that. >> this investment advisor says millions of dollars were lost when the computers became overwhelmed when shares began on may 18th. brokers didn't know if orders had been executed. >> they can't know where this was sold for. that is the crux of the issue. >> the nasdaq set aside $40 million covering orders that did not execute orders at $42 or less trading in an infearer price and bye orders not confirmed. >> this is based on what we've
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heard on amount of the funds available, it seems like this could wo not begin to make everybody whole. >> this is tiny compared to the loss estimates. and this is only the beginning of issues claiming facebook and under writers disclose tonl a select group data that might have invested. facebook did not respond to a request for comment. and there is a crisis management consultant says pending lawsuits may prompt silence. and we spoke via skip. >> if you own up but if you stone wall it and don't do anything it adds to the crisis. and that is comes across you
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did mess up. >> and abc 7 news has adds the fund would be able to cover losses and litigation could take years this, is a case of money now rather than money much later. >> and there is how stock traded today down a little and there is up 94 cents by closing bell. >> tonight there are police and fire unions launched a new challenge to pension reforms measure b won support today 70% and there is opponents now turn together courts. >> there are unions delivering on the promise for pension reform in court. >> the lawsuit allege multiple violations of the california
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constitution with respect to measure b. >> it calls for city employees to pay more to keep the plan they have, or switch to a less expensive option. attorneys say that amounts to broken promise autos the public employer says we're going to give you a certain pension benefit. that is good for the first day. >> the mayor says the city charter gives voters a trite make changes in how employees are compensated. san jose filed a lawsuit asking a judge to step in. >> people will get to keep what they've earned and accrued. and what we're changing is looking forward. >> the pension cost climbed to $245 million this year in light of layoffs and cuts the voters overwhelmingly approved changes to the pension system.
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>> i have to put money away from my own 401(k). >> city employees say the mayor and allies exage rated the crisis and voters don't understand the ramifications of measure b. >> this could have been nice. >> the courts will be reading fine print. unions say it could go on for years. the mayor expects a rule within nos. both sides say they expect to win. >> and there is nine of the 12 members of congress won more than 50% of the vote. they must still face a runnoff in november. second congressional district as open seat marin county democrat jared houghhan will face two candidates tonight.
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fremont congressman pete stark's challenger will be the prosecutor eric starwell siphonning off thousands of votes that might have otherwise gone to stark i should say stallwell. and ricky gill a 25-year-old law student as a challenger in november. and senator feinstein facing republican as a challenger for the seat she's held 30 years. >> and of the 20 school parcel tax measures 17 of them passed. and there is prop 29 the increase is april yeerg headed for defeat. and there is and could be a sign of what is still to come. >> this for tends badly. >> and ballots still need to
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be counted. and the defeat the tax holds it could spell trouble for the initiative in and there is. >> and and and they're disinclined to support tax increase autos and some leaders think you can't compare the tax battle to the up coming fight to save public education. they point out voters on tuesday approved nearly two thirds of local government and school tax bond measure autos when they understand the linkage between the governors and and there is recent election hist very not on the governor's side. state wide tax measures have had a bad run.
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not one passed since 2004 the year voter as agreed to an extra tax on millionaires. so when looking at prop 29's probable loss there is a qofr they're willing to tax the rich. it makes parents nervous about november electrics because schools can not take anymore cuts. >> and i'm very worried. we're hearing about class sizes and pink slips go out. >> voter sentiment doesn't mean doom for the measure it does suggest his supporters have their work cut out for them. >> it's clear that it's easier to get a no vote than a yes vote. >> and abc 7 news has obtained exclusive video showing what happened moments before a confrontation between south san francisco police and a 15-year-old boy killed.
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in this arco gas station video you can see there is derek gains. ples say gains was with a friend and the officer thought they looked suspicious. he kept running. and there is angry family and friends don't understand why he had to use deadly force. >> there is no halo over derek's head but why shoot him? why kill him? >> and this officer is on leave. standard procedure pending an investigation. >> and police are asking for help identifying a body of a woman found almost two weeks ago. and her body found inside of a trash can may 24th. she was wearing pajama
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bottoms. and also these earrings she was wearing at the time. >> and we're getting new details tonight on the beating of giants fan brian stow last year. a friend outlined attack today in a hearing that will determine whether two suspects will stand trial. and this is a story now from our sister station in los angeles. >> from dodger stadium a caller described a horrific attack on his friend and he was a paramedic off duty to see their giants play that day last year. >> he hit the ground. >> accused of multiple felonies for the beating and this first time stow was shoved and another was
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punched. neither fought back. instead, stow tried to calm the attackers. >> the gentleman said you know we're ready to go home. it's just a game. leave us alone. and that is when everything happened. >> the same attackers came back say witnesses. a tall caucasian male and a shorter hispanic male appeared to be at gresor. >> he was running and threw a long sweeping punch with his lefthand to the left side of brian's head. the same person that punched brian kicking him in the head repeatedly. >> memories of the blows are vivid but like previous witnesses he cannot positively say the defendants were the attackers. >> a lot of people wearing dodger jerseys that day with blue letter something. >> yes sir. >> the crux of the strategy raised questions of identity. the prosecution's objective to show san skmez norwood were beyond doubt the men who beat
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stow leaving him with permanent damage to his brain. tomorrow nor yeen sanchez is the sister of louie sanchez who drove the alleged get away car. >> and coming up here on abc 7 news new pictures reveal more students involved in a senior prank. a new round of suspensions on the last week of school. >> we're going show how google is stepping up the game on smart phone mapping and just as apple is about to take a slice of the action. >> and a kansas couple built a replica of the golden gate bridge gets a personal tour of the real thing.
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night as is anxiety among those involved. and we're live tonight with the story. >> well first there is 25 students now as administrators reveal more pictures the number grew to 50. we've learned this afternoon that likely there will be more suspensions. >> this has been one of the worst weeks our family experienced. >> and pam has two children that are seniors and among the now 50 who have been suspended so their participation in a senior prank involving spreading washable paint throughout the campus z a small group chained up a lamb. she says her kids couldn't take some of the finals both risk losing their college scholarship autos a joyful week has gone into a week filled with distress pain
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dishonesty. confessions. and this is all over the board. >> we know the school has issued new suspensions. >> this attorney is getting more calls every day and represents families. tuesday, johnson appeared before a judge asking that the students be allowed to take their finals. >> this court says there are concerns about the process for the children in the way this is handled and also the use of discretion in this matter. >> the school district is following policies set forth with home suggestion suspensions. >> the superintendent says heritage principal and his administration are only following policy. >> we're making arrangements so students if they do receive an "f" they'll be able to makeup that class and receive their diploma through summer
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school program. >> saying seniors were warn add head of the prank on the school web site. quote students that participate in senior pranks that are harmful and destructive will not participate in commencement exercises. the warning says nothing about suspensions or mission final exams. which students like zach say could jeopardize a college admission. >> and i'm still not atloud take first two finals unless the teachers let me. >> and what could that mean for you?. >> it could hurt me because my plan will go down if i don't take those final autos this is horrible. these are -- unexcuseable. all the school needs to do is just make this right. >> all students will not allowed to participate in the commencement though there is talk of organizing a separate
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one for them. as for battle over final exams that will likely continue in the courtroom. >> and there is a big announcement about google maps and features you'll soon see on your mobile device. >> in a small groom google showed off this image. >> this looks like an old clay model sculpted by technology. >> carry add board airplane autos there is a fleet of planes owned or operators by contractors. >> and there is slowly a new map of the world in 3 d. >> let's spin around. >> google is mapping hiking trail was this. >> there is a camera that is a
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bit owe top heavy. soon you'll be able to down load google maps to use off line. >> when this launches it will be available not on device autos the divide is widening. experts say timing was no accident. >> they're trying to set the stone of what a good mapping product looks like. >> and this analyst is expecting apple owe unveil it's own map service next week. >> are you concern that had apple going to build a better service than yours? >> google hinting missing features are because of apple. >> we're working hard to get it on all platforms. it's just an issue of when that is going to happen. >> google earth is coming to the i've yob and ipad as soon
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as they get to it stop crashing. >> in san francisco abc 7 news. >> and let's talk about the weather forecast. >> there is breezy at the coast and mild inland. and there ais a live view looking at golden gate. thank you. known for accuracy and clarity. abcs of weather casting. there are clear skies at the coast as well as inland tlchl is a look at live doppler 7 hd. there is a radar system up ask running now. and there are things calm and clear. there are sunny skies and there is a look at high temperatures today. breezy, cool at the ko. a high of only 59 in half moon bay. upper 70s inland. 77 in santa rosa. there is 79 in antioch and 73
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in san jose. here is a look at current temperatures. low to mid-70s inland locations with the upper 70s here in santa rosa. there is 55 in half moon bay. winds brisk in spots. sfo gusts to 41 miles per hour now. 28 miles per hour gusts at half moon bay. 22 miles per hour novato. lights we'll see coastal clouds returning overnight. there is mild but breezy cooler friday. and there is a big warm up extending into the end of the week. satellite shows a small ridge that is dominant at the moment there. is a cool of cool air that is going to bring clouds back to the coast. there is clouds returning to coast. we'll see sunny skies inland.
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there is a clearing and breezy conditions friday. warm up begins over the weekend. there is fog approaching the coastline, clearing inland. low temperatures ranging from mid-40s to just about 50 degrees. then tomorrow there are sunny skies in the south bai. highs mainly into mid-70s. there is only mid to upper 50s on the coast. pretty cool there still 64 will be the high in downtown tomorrow. up into north bay there is a fairly uniformed range of highs upper 70s. there is inland east bay warmer with 80s in concord. 82 fear antioch. low to mid-70s around the bai. inland upper 70s to low 80s here is the accu-weather forecast.
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looking at a warm up beginning saturday. sunday, monday tuesday there are low 80s around the bay. that is what we've been waiting for. >> just ahead tonight californians against higher taxes. >> new mission to roll back a key element of the global warming tax. strit as news at 6:00 continues.
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a group is launching a campaign to do away with the landmark global warming law. californians against higher taxes began petitioning and protesting a provision of the cap and trade program that allows refinery asks other polluters to purchase credits for green house gases produced. next year the state will begin auctioning off the credits. opponents say it's nothing but a money grab by the state. >> this is an illegal way for the state to take $30 billion from employers in this state. >> the plan counts on $1 billion in rev few from the program that money is then
6:26 pm
supposed to be used on green energy projects. >> new signs of improvement in u.s. economy. and the book shows moderate growth across the country including san francisco region. and there is business as plying for more loans. american airlines says it will cut flights because of a pilot shortage. they're calling in sick and using medical benefits before premiums go up. and taco bell on the verge of a major come back. yahoo finance reports tonight that taco bell sold 100 kblinl of the new nacho cheese tacoes in 10 weeks. most successful product launch in the company's 50 years hist rye and tonight there is a highlights from the president's bay area fund raising stop.
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a sudden hardship forces you to cancel a flight. can you get a refund? >> and a new effort to save the whales. especially those swimming in a shipping lane off the golden gate. stay with us. another half hour of news continues in just a moment.
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s about two hours ago on a fund raising mission in california tonight. and before heading to l.a. the president was in the bay area where he collected a couple million dollars in new contributions. here is a shot of his motorcade arriving in san francisco's financial district around noon today. and as we saw money matters. the president met with deep pocket areas. >> there is $500,000 an hour? he picked up endorsement of an
6:31 pm
enthusiastic 81-year-old with the name of willie mays and. >> the president came for a $35,800 a head round table with a small group of donors here. then off to a $5,000 a plate lunch at the merchant exchange building on california. and to see how money matters just look at what happened last night. supporters of prop 29 saw their lead disappear the campaign buried under negative ads paid for by big tobacco. the governor fended off a recall at times so heated his opponents should down the state capitol. walker, the first governor in history to survive a recall by outspending his opponent by orders of magnitude. just a week ago the chair of the democratic party so
6:32 pm
confident she predicted walker would be defeated. >> given the obama for america operation and opportunities to do the dry run of our massive sig can campaign. >> if it's a dry run for november the president is in trouble. >> i'm not sure if terrified is the right word but i'm worried. yes. >> sue is hoping the wisconsin election is not a harbringer of things still to come. >> well, what we know is that one side is spending could be effective but when both are spending a lot of money, the fact one spends more than another doesn't predict an outcome. >> look no further than meg whitman's run for governor. she outspent jerry brown. as for debbie waser man-shults
6:33 pm
prediction about the massive obama ground game they might want to pick that up a bit. >> the president greeted by a group of campaign volunteers. and after exchanging hellos with dignitaries including mayor ed lee the president mingled with volunteers. >> this is thrilling. i can't imagine a better president and i'm so at odds and people don't like him. >> and this was the fourth fund raising trip to california this year tying with new york for the most visits. california tops the nation in donations to the campaign. >> and on to consumer news booking a ticket head of time can save money but what if something happened then you neat to -- need to cancel? >> this can be a challenge. >> good news is that most
6:34 pm
airlines will consider giving you a refund in case of unexpected hardship such as a death in the family or a major illness. however, things can get complicate fd you book through a third party travel service. so for one woman it meant weeks of frustration. >> and there is a pain in the neck and leg. >> she's talking about her father he seemed healthy in january when he booked a troip london with his wife and son. then the pain set in. >> we sent him to the hospital. and they found a tumor on the neck. >> her father was in boston and diagnosed with cancer and had to begin radiation right away. london was out of the question. jenny cancelled the flight requesting a refund or at least she tried. >> expedia told me the airline took the money. airline told me expedia took the money. >> the family used to book flights on virgin
6:35 pm
atlantic. they knew it was nonrefundable. expedia says jenny can request a refund based on the circumstances. she filled out forms and sent them to expedia. doctors included a qlert of support but nothing happened. >> i talked at least 20-25 representatives every time very to repeat the story again, and again. >> weeks passed. jenny says she kept calling expeed yachl the service kept telling her to fill out the forms. >> i said we did it. we faxed it five times. they said oh maybe your fax doesn't work. >> and expedia told her to call the refund department but no one could provide a phone number for the refund department. >> so frustrated with it. i should do something my heart told me there is 7 on your side. i'm going to try for that. >> we contacted expedia. and the company took action.
6:36 pm
>> after two weeks we got a response. amazing. amazing. >> this company says customer service agencies work with virgin atlantic advocating on her behalf to secure the full refund. now, jenny and her family will receive the entire $825 for her father's tickets. >> that is fantastic. yes. we're happy about that. >> yes. if you book a flight through a travel service have you to request a refund through the same service and that can make things complicated. restrictions will apply and the carrier can approve or deny a refund. there is a third party in the middle of it. give it a shot. >> coming up next the couple who built a replica of the golden gate bridge. >> tonight hitting a personal tour of the real thing.
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you can see
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sutro. just a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge. >> for many it's the highlight of the trip to the bay area and that is true for a couple today. >> it had been strange but true f you visit where
6:40 pm
tourists view the bridge you can see people from around the world. most of them come and go in obscurity but not barbara and larry. >> this is a dream come true. >> and this is a culmination of the fairy tae. and only post cards for inspiration. >> and this golden gate bridge has been a big part of his life since 1968 headed to the war in vietnam. caught just a glimpse of the bridge on the way out. this image stuck. >> when this reporter wrote the story it became a celebrity cause. and they donated airline tickets and a suite. san francisco loved richardsons. they love us even our drivers. >> people, there is no honking or hollering or yelling.
6:41 pm
>> and where have you been driving? >> they got special access special pictures. sort of. >> and after build up they set foot on the bridge and they're just a couple tourists. >> did you expect to be under a microscope? >> no. this is way out of my comfort level. >> if you build a golden gate bridge in kansas. >> we almost bought tee shirts that said we're not in kansas anymore, toto. but we got over the rainbow. >> that is right we did. >> from the golden gate bridge abc 7 news. >> coming up next a ground breaking agreement to save the whales. >> and also space shuttle's
6:42 pm
intrepid mission today.
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ray bradbury died a cording to his daughter he passed away last night. his famous book fahrenheit 451 envisioned a high tech future steven spielberg says bradburg inspired much of his science fiction work. he wrote several episodes of "the twilight zone". he preferred to be called a fantasy writer. the space shuttle enterprise made a final voyage today up the hudson river. a barge carried the prototype past the statue of liberty in z.a flotihla of boats greeted enterprise. the crane hoisted it on to the deck. the enter prize will join a
6:46 pm
concord and other aircraft housed aboard and near the world war ii vintage care yir. the museum plans to open its space shuttle exhibit in mid july. >> and there is a shipping industry agreed to proposals to protect whaechls the number l ships has been rising. and not good for whales but not good for the ships either. tonight there is a look at efforts to turn things around. >> the bay area coastline is perfect whale habitat. >> we have one of the highest concentrations of blue whales in the world here in the backyard. >> the whales come here for food. water full of life considered so critical, there are three sanctuaries with special environmental protections. but san francisco is also one of the busiest sports in the country and shipping lanes run through. it is a deadly combination. >> in recent years we have had
6:47 pm
more incidents of whales getting struck by ships. and have had dead whales washed up on the beach. >> now after more than a year of discussion a working group including the shipping industry scientists government and environmental organizations has agreed to keep boats and whales apart. jackie dragon is co-chair. >> we've come up with recommendations that are safest for whales at the least cost to the industry. >> until now ship owners have been reluctant to slow down or change routes and a spokesman told us that is because there is a lack of solid information about where they are. >> a lot of the efforts were based on where whales might be historically in a certain point in time. >> new recommendations call for observers on ships. >> this is either with train spotters or to have a crew actually train them selfs to
6:48 pm
spot whales and report where those locations are. >> that information would be combined with other reports from planes tours, and local researchers. then warnings would go out. >> when a number of whales are present it could be considered whale sensitive. ships would have an option of routing to a different lane or slowing down to 10 knots. >> that could make a big difference difference. one member of a working group is a researcher who talked with us by skype. >> very close to being struck by a ship we have not seen them taken on this response. >> part of the problem may be underwater noise from ships. >> there is indication that is affecting whales and abilities to communicate. >> the group is proposing they
6:49 pm
be recorded and studied z they suggested some changes in the location of the lanes. the coast guard sent some ideas to a panel for review. and this will be considered tomorrow in a meeting of advisors. final action up to the superintendent. the proposal is for the new plan to be volume teary. if it doesn't work rules may come later. >> thank you. >> and right now let's get a check on the accu-weather forecast. >> there is a time lapse view this afternoon. there is a all blue skies today. and tomorrow state wide same picture, mild conditions and highs into 80s in sacramento and fresno. 103 in palm springs.
6:50 pm
there is a shower activity. bay area mild dry inland and dry all over. there are low clouds and fog theer the coast. there are 60s and 70s around the bay. there is a breezy cooler friday warming up saturday. then sunday monday tuesday real summer like weather with high temperatures around 90 degrees inland. low 80s around the bay. >> nice. >> coming up two bay area football legends joined their friends. >> for friendly competition. stay with us..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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çkçkçk join me tonight at 9:00 listen to this. cockroaches disappearing by swinging under ledges and how this is inspiring researchers. >> ugh. then at 11:00 long awaited record on the occupy cal protest. did police go too far to get prot testors off campus? there are findings and reaction. >> on to sports on to giants. if you don't succeed try try
6:54 pm
gene this is another close game. another struggle in san diego this afternoon. for giants home baby. there is before the game giants put up a three spot in the first inning. there is a ground rule off left. and greggor's fame came up a lot today in the 5th. deep to right there is a fan dropping it at the top of the wall. umps say that is gone. giants taking a 4-to lead. and there is a bomb some out wr out and this is and there is a hero in the ball under glove. giants up 6-3 and sergio romo would smoke to end the game
6:55 pm
and there is this year's french open a record low. fellow spaniard is able to get 11 more off of them. by that time, he was already well in command. and there is a a lot of unforced errors. there is now 50 and one all time. and there is he fais chases down everything on the red clay. and there is a winner in four sets. to ladies there is kaia pink shoes and all. maria returning the serve here. there is an advance to the
6:56 pm
fourth semi finals. now, the madden mariucci battle of the bay held today in livermore. fun, and competitive. and there is the bocce and trash talk. >> former 49er head coaches teeming up for another year of bocce ball. >> and what they can do is compete. >> he talks a good game. he's terrible. it's simpem wh. we advance i take great pride and joy from that. >> so there is someone saying i beat you, i can say no.
6:57 pm
we quit. >> and there. >> thank you very much. >> and it s taxi driver. >> i wanted to be a milkman. >> there we go. >> everybody is having a great time here today. big winners are the charities. >> we've raised about $3.5 million. and so that is why we do this. >> and to just win baby. in livermore abc 7 sports. >> that is great. >> and fun too. >> yes. >> and there is this edition of abc 7 news.
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